KPO - Data

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

We have a very big team for Knowledge process outsourcing. We provide services in data research, data categorization, data mapping, data append, domain to data verification, data cleansing and other data related services.

• Data research – Competitors research, leads research, research for testing and ML & AI development, research for marketing and sales.

• Data cleansing – Data append, data categorization, data mapping, etc.

Our Data Services

Recent Projects

Data Research Project for IndiaMart

IndiaMart Product research team wanted us to find advertisers who are advertising for selected products in selected countries.

We provided a detailed plan for manual and programmatical collection of data without violating any of the data privacies.

We worked on this in 2016 and at that time the technology to scraping and data collection were not that developed, and we used the available technologies and successfully completed the project.

Data Markup Project for Microsoft Bing

For Bing, we worked on manually rating websites according to their business and other aspects

We received this project for Bing and we manually markuped each and every website that is registered in Bing for advertisement to assess their business capability and business spending ability.

Data Research Project for Google

We worked on a data research project for Google.

Google wanted us to find competitors for one of their product.

We developed a search methodoly and presented them with the data of competitors.